Fables Storytelling Circle

Welcome to the tale of Fables, a storytelling circle in Aberystwyth, Ceredigion. Would you like to come and weave wonders with us by the sea?

Fables is a new storytelling circle in Aberystwyth and Ceredigion, which gathers bi-monthly to share stories.

Our second meeting is at:

The Bookshop by the Sea,

South Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth,

7:30-9pm on Friday 22nd October ’21

Come along, bring a story or three, and some ideas for the future of Fables!

Find us here!


Once upon a time, Meanwhile met in Lampeter. We met twice a month to develop our storytelling skills, share tales and feedback (if desired) and to generally enjoy the ancient oral tradition! Each month we agreed themes and focus points together, so the tale unfolds according to our collective needs and desires.

Anyone was welcome to drop in with no previous experience. Meanwhile was primarily a space to share stories in the oral tradition, develop our own skills and have fun together. All was subject to the whims of the story that was Meanwhile. But, after a few years of gathering, we drifted apart and Meanwhile closed its doors… only to rise from the ashes, phoenix-bright, as Fables.

Previous Themes included:

Learning the Bones – Storytelling technique workshop

Dancing the Bones – sharing stories we have learnt!


Finding your Voice – A Workshop

Halloween themed tales, a spooky evening to celebrate the coming of Winter and the arrival of orange leaves!

An Evening with Eric Maddern

Magical Folk

Spring Tales

… and more…

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